Sea Buckthorn Herbal

The taste of Sea Buckthorn Herbal Tea is richly sour due to the high content of vitamin C. Therefore, it is sweetened to taste with honey or sugar.
Berry tea strengthens the body as a whole: Accelerates recovery after severe or chronic diseases. Especially effectively neutralizes viruses and a fungus. Good thirst quencher

The tea brewing time is 7-10 minutes. If you insist tea longer, the taste will be more saturated.
We highly recommend to cut Sea Buckthorn berries to make berries more juicy, what will make your tea more favorable!
Мы очень рекомендуем нарезать ягоды облепихи перед заваркой, чтобы они стали более сочными, что сделает ваш чай более насыщенным!

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