Italian Stracciatella Cheese

Mamma's Cheese, USA
Our Stracciatella is a fresh Italian cheese made using a recipe from the Italian region of Puglia. It consists of pieces of stretched curd mixed with cream. Сheese with a soft texture and delicate creamy taste.
You will love the taste of creamy stracciatella spread on a piece of freshly baked bread. Cheese is also eaten with toasted bruschetta drizzled with olive oil, as an addition to tomatoes in a salad, or as a filling for pasta or pizza.

Choose your taste:
  • Classic Stracciatella cheese
  • Stracciatella with Truffles

Mamma’s Stracciatella Italian Cheese - Mamma's Cheese, USA
Hand-Crafted in Miami, FL
16 oz (454 g)
8 oz (226 g)
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